Darkness Arises
welcome to the moon
I'm Lauren Zizes, and if you don't know who I am you can just walk away now.
21 Years old, Jounalism and Video Production student at Columbia University.
Just moved to 666 Cove Ave.

This is just an RP account. No relation to Glee, Fox, or Ashley Fink in any way.


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When she and my dad came home last night from wherever the hell they have been for the week, my mom found me in bed at 5, she must have assumed I was sick or something because she left me alone.

Well, her and her freaky ways thinks at 7am is prime time to wake me up on a Saturday, came in and asked if I was sick. When I replied in the negative she pulled off my blankets, and pushed me off my bed and then slapped me. She is now taking me somewhere, but I don’t know where it is. If you don’t hear from me…well, I guess you can assume I’ve gone insane, or I’m dead.